Murrieta Aeries Portal (2024)

1. Aeries Portal / Aeries Overview - Murrieta Valley Unified School District

  • Sign into Aeries with your school provided email and password to access your schedule, grades, standardized tests scores, messages, and more.

  • Click on the button to connect to the Parent portal Aeries is the online student, parent and teacher portal used to manage student profiles, grades, communication and all other administrative items need to ensure our students thrive throughout their academic life. The portal provides easy access and shares real-time information for parents, students and their school sites.  PARENTS / GUARDIANS: Use your Portal account to monitor your child's attendance, grades, test scores, and assessments. This portal is also used for registration and/or re-enrollment document confirmation at the beginning of each school year. Not sure how to create a parent portal account? View and follow the steps in this PDF to create your parent/student account.  "How to set-up an Aeries Portal Account" (English version) "Como Registrarse para una Cuenta para el Portal Parental/Estudiantil Aeries" (Spanish version) STUDENTS: Sign into Aeries with your school provided email and password to access your schedule, grades, standardized tests scores, messages, and more. NEW!  An app is now available for Android Devices and Apple iOS! Forgot your password?  For users who have an account and forgot their password, select the 'Forgot password' link at the bottom to reset your password.  You may select the login button, enter your email address and enter your password.  If an incorrect password is entered, you will be prompted to reset it. Students Enrolling for the First Time in Murrieta Valley Unifi...

2. Aeries Login - Aeries Software

  • Aeries Sign in with Aeries. Aeries. Username: Password: Database: ElCaminoRealCharterSchool. Year: 2023-2024. Aeries Web Version © 1995-2024 Aeries ...

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4. Parent Portal / Overview - Murrieta Valley Unified School District

  • Click here to be directed to the sign in page for the Aeries Parent Portal. Visit Us. 40855 Chaco Canyon Road. Murrieta, CA 92562. Get Directions ...

  • 40855 Chaco Canyon Road

5. Aeries Portal - Hayfork -

6. Murrieta Valley Unif Sch Dist - Clever | Log in

  • Murrieta Valley Unif Sch Dist. Not your district? Log in with Office365. Log in with Clever Badges. Having trouble? Contact


7. Oak Meadows Elementary School - Menifee Union School District

  • Aeries Portal · Parent/Student Handbook · Lunch Menu · Safe School - No Bullying ... Google Maps28600 Poinsettia Street Murrieta, CA 92563. Phone: (951) 246-4210 ...

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8. Sign In - Murrieta Valley Unified School District

  • Aeries Parent Portal · African American Parent Advisory Council - AAPAC · Canvas ... The Murrieta Valley Unified School District is committed to equal ...

  • 39245 Calle de Fortuna

9. Murrieta, A. - Language Arts - Santa Ana Unified School District

  • Aeries Parent Portal · Resources · Cyberbullying Resources · School Site Council ... Murrieta, A. - Language Arts. Page Navigation. Overview · Agenda & Class ...

Murrieta Aeries Portal (2024)
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